Argumentative Essay outline about Different Sides of Biodiesel


Different Sides of Biodiesel

I ) Thesis:  Despite the widely claimed disadvantages of biodiesels it has economical and environmental advantages.

II ) It is claimed that biodiesel harmful to environment. In fact, it benefits environment more than others.

A)    Harmful to environment

      1-Biodiesel production destroy tropical forest

      2-Lpg is more environmental friendly than normal fuels


B)    Benefit to environment

      1- It helps to fight global warming

      2-Causes less CO emission

III ) It has economical disadvantages but it has crucial advantages.

A)    Economical disadvantages

1-Growing palm trees in rice farms

2-Research needs very high budgets

B)    Economical advantages

1-Engines get long life-time

2-Cost efficient

IV ) Finally, biodiesel is very important invention because petrol is a natural source and it has very big working area in our world.


V ) Conclusion: Using biodiesel would be harmful. Due to fact that, the results and experts say that it is beneficial for environment and economy. 

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